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crafting unforgettable memories

Let's face it, tackling party planning solo? Not the smoothest ride. That's why I'm here to sprinkle some magic and turn your event dreams into reality! Imagine this: less phone-scrolling, more eye contact, and real-time connections that'll give you all the feels. And that's exactly why InJoy by Erica was born.


With a dash of creativity and a bucketload of experience, I'm here to make your special day sparkle just as you envision. We're all about mixing outdoor vibes with indoor charm, whether it's cozy igloo domes, dreamy glamping tents, or chic luxury picnics – we've got it all covered.


Our mission? To whip up a gorgeous and intimate space where genuine connections thrive. So relax, leave the fuss to us, and let the celebrations roll!


I’m a real estate agent so customer service is HUGE for me when I’m selecting a business to collaborate with. My experience working with this company was TOP TIER.

From start to finish, Erica provided a solution to all my party planning problems. Even when I called in a panic about the possibility of rain, she quickly started to think of ways to help me out. The team showed up on time, well dressed, with a smile and got the job done without any issue. I showed them Erica one inspiration photo for the decor of the party and she literally brought it to life. I’m so grateful for the service I received and my daughter was overjoyed by the decorations for her Encanto themed party!

If your considering working with Injoy by Erica, this is your sign. It is worth the investment and you won’t be disappointed. I plan to work with them again in the near future.



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