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InJoy Our Igloos

Brrrrrrr! It’s chilly outside. Step into our heated igloos for a warm and cozy experience this winter! 


Whether it’s an intimate date night, birthday, or business meeting, we can cover any occasion comfortably for up to 8 guests and deliver and set up at permitted public spaces or in your very own backyard. Our igloo domes include an electric fireplace heater, lights, furniture, blankets and are a perfect experience if you would like to keep warm but still spend time outdoors with friends, and family.


 Igloos are available from October through March. 


The Igloo Lounge


General Information


Igloos are 12ft in diameter and can comfortably fit up to 8 guests. If thinking about setting up in your own backyard, you will need at least 15ft of flat space to accommodate the igloo. 


Private Residence: 4 Hours

Laurel Lake: 3 Hours

Extra time can be added based on availability.


Food is NOT included in igloo pricing; however, we have partnered with some talented DMV chefs whom we can put you in touch with. 


Igloos at Laurel Lake

If you don't have the adequate space to accommodate our igloos no worries! We now offer igloo services at Laurel Lake (Granville Gude Park) starting at $449. 

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